House of Nicole Duke & Dr. Neel
House of Nicole Duke & Dr. Neel

The House of Nicole Duke

Our Story

How far have we come?

Nicole Duke is the pioneer of couture tops and animal prints, she heads one of fashion’s most desirable labels of today. This year she celebrates the 21st  anniversary of her illustrious career. For decades, the personal image of fashion designers has been a key part of the lifestyle they sold us on the Paris & Milan catwalk.

Today, as the director of the various Nicole lines, she takes her the bow with Nicole at the end of every catwalk show. What initially took Nicole out of the 1990s doldrums was her line of sandblasted and embellished jeans, which she launched in 1994. The tops sold faster than Nicole could design them, sparking a new interest in Nicole's signature diva dresses.

Our plan for growth

 Our goal is to grow as a part of the Neel Nicole Group. The House of Nicole of Duke plans to take on menswear, jewelry, eye-wear, beachwear, footwear,  pet wear, fragrance and home accessories.  No well-dressed labra doodle would think of leaving home on a cold morning without its black quilted Nicole coat with gold buttons, would it?! 

Creating a sustainable world

 At the House of Nicole Duke, we want to ensure our customers they are getting the best quality possible by safe manufacturing processes. Nicole states, "I want to be remembered that a girl who has kept her dreams close to her heart and a girl who loved her sister unconditionally. Lastly I want to be remembered to be the girl who happened to reduce 'carbon footprint' in this environment." We believe by reducing our footprint, we standing by our transparent values.

When she chooses to purchase Nicole's Closet, she knows she's getting value and quality without sacrificing style. Did you know that the Nicole's Closet hangtag also functions as a bookmark? Because we know that our customer cares about the world she lives in, and we want to help her to reduce her footprint on the environment.

Charitable works

Here at the House of Nicole Duke, we care about helping out our fellow peers. For almost twenty years Nicole has been pushing boundaries showing being charitable can be fun and easy. In 2008, Nicole was featured in an article about how Nicole's Closet was a part of a charitable program called Food for Jeans. Almost ten years later, Nicole still strives to find new ways to give money and awareness to different charities.