Jack & Jill

My name is Jack Duke. 

In 2003 I found myself in the Bronx surrounded by pitbulls. I didn’t think pitbulls were bad, I thought I was badder than the pit bulls.  This woman came in and she became my Mom.  She got into the cage and I couldn’t help myself but I attacked her, but she still had the heart and the compassion to take me home. I was very sick and so she took care of me and she made me a better person. I’m 19 now and every day I know for my Mom it’s a very stressful but she hangs in there with me. I’m not on deathrow anymore.  I live in Montclair New Jersey and I am the luckiest dog in the whole world. 

One day my Mom wanted to get another dog because she always envisioned having Jack and Jill come down the hill to meet her in this tiny house that was filled with love so I got ready.  She got Jill, whose name before Jill was Ruby and she was a gem and I loved her so much.  When they said she had a liver disease, she left us and was only three years old.  I never saw my Mom so distressed so once again I said to my Mom “why don’t you foster another dog?” and let’s see if we like the new dog.  My Mom went to the organization to foster a dog, his name was Aztec. He jumped through the window and came running at her.  My Mom has a big heart and she couldn’t resist so she decided to bring him home.  She named him Apple and I think he’s the Apple of her eyes.   Jill loved apples and I think when my Mom sees Apple it reminds her of Jill still living. 

Ok so that’s my story for now.   Did they tell you that I like clothing and that’s why my Mom created this line? My Mom is filled with so much love and every day I wake up thinking I’m the happiest dog in the whole wide world.  Did I tell you I suffer from depression and I’m kind of a little bit bad in my behavior but my Mommy still hangs in there –  if it wasn’t for her I would never have been able to make my third birthday.  Do you want to save the environment? My Mom used recycled yarn  and cotton to create our clothes.  Did I tell you that my Mom is Nicole Duke, one of Americans finest designers?  That’s it for now.

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