House of Nicole Duke & Dr. Neel
House of Nicole Duke & Dr. Neel


Meet Nicole & Dr. Neel

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Nicole Duke’s early years were infused with the vibrant colors and rich textures of her native Guyana, from the delicate warmth of the hibiscus and cool elegance of the calla lily to the native birds and the intricate beadwork and bright outlandish costumes of the annual Mashramani masquerades in Georgetown. Though she later left Guyana for Brooklyn, her family and the beauty and cultural richness she remembers continue to inspire those reminiscent touches, the color and embroidery and other embellishments she loves to incorporate in her designs. 

After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, Nicole launched herself into the business, soon rising to the position of Design Director at G.Star Apparel a division of Tommy Bahama. But it is her memories of home, and the tragic loss of a young sister, that gave her the impetus to venture out on her own and make the most of her talent and opportunities. She is the founder and president of Nicole’s Closet, with the apparel labels Nicole Duke, Nicole’s Closet and Just Nikki and the home furnishings label At Home with Nicole Duke. Her designs have been widely featured in the international press, including Harper’s, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Marie Claire, among many others.

Dr, Neel is a medical doctor from Bangladesh with a family background in apparel manufacturing, After working in manufacturing with his brother, Dr. Neel came to the United States to start a new chapter. For the past year Dr. Neel and Nicole have been collaborating on both menswear and womenswear.

Nicole Duke's and Dr. Neel’s newest line Neel & Nicole redefines mens and women’s suiting. Taking classic styles seen on New York and London runways to your closet. As a medical doctor, Dr. Neel uses his experiences in his industry and collaborates with Nicole Duke’s fashion expertise to create a beautiful collection from day-to-night. Their collaborative effort re-creates classic styles with new exciting twists.